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"the quantum of composite value added to, or created in the Nigerian economy by a systematic development capacity and capabilities through the deliberate utilization of Nigerian human, material resources and services in the Nigerian oil and gas Industry."


The Nigerian resources are to be the utilized in the Oil and Gas industry in areas of exploration; development; transportation; on/off loading activities; sales and other related services. Providing an uncompromising standard and level of quality within the resources of oil and gas while remaining socially and environmentally responsible.

As an indigenous procurement and associated support services company, Total Premier Services Nigeria Limited is a corporate entity whose services depend greatly on skills, distinctive competencies and professionalism of its employees.  To this point, TPSNL allocates significant resources to training and development programs within and outside the shores of Nigeria.


TPSNL has 100% abled Nigerian personnel with visions to ensure persistent and full realization of the government's campaign to Nigerian content.  TPSNL has developed a structured process towards empowering our employees with long lasting skills in developing and strengthening local capabilities while further building our workforce into the most professional and committed multidisciplinary team in the industry.


We encourage and support the development of Nigerian local host communities; infrastructures; and utiliites.  TPSNL is committed to economic progress within the communities and continue to demonstrate this commitment through contributions and local operation facilities that aide to the communities' economic development and growth.


Total Premier Services Nigeria Limited is also committed to excellence; technological transfer and empowering the local communities as directed by the Federal Government of Nigeria.  TPSNL hopes to sub-contract aspects of our jobs to Nigerian companies that have the capabilities and technical "know-how".  It is our goal to ensure these companies offer mutual benefits to both parties; have skilled personnel; provide post sales technical services; and a labor force.  Thereby, creating employment opportunities and providing training to the local communities involved.  We constantly review our personnel resources in order to make strategic adjustments based on project execution stages, experience, professionalism, and skills.


Finally, in recognition of hte importance of the Nigerian content policy and government campaign, TPSNL is committed to a selected team of Nigerians to its workforce.  In order to promote and support the successful implementation of our supply and procurement initiatives, TPSNL has established mechanisms and measures to ensure continuous compliance of this pivotal campaign that is hopeful of transforming the country of Nigerian and ithe Nigerian people into a global resource.

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